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The Power Crisis:

What You Can Do To Cut Your Utility Bill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January  31, 2001

For more information contact:
          Paul Gipe, SC Kern-Kaweah Chapter 661 822 9150
          Glenn Shellcross, SC Kern-Kaweah Chapter 661 832 3382
          Tor Allen, Rahus Institute 925 370 7262

                        The Power Crisis

            What You Can Do To Cut Your Utility Bill

(Bakersfield, Calif.) The Sierra Club will sponsor a seminar on what
consumers can do to lower their utility bills on Thursday, 15 February,
from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Bakersfield's Beale Memorial Library, 701
Truxtun Ave.

The Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club will host Tor Allen of the Rahus
Institute. Allen will explain how customers of Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
can qualify for a little-known but lucrative subsidy to install solar cells
and generate some of their own power. 

The seminar will also discuss how consumers can improve the efficiency of
home appliances and otherwise cut their utility bills by reducing their
consumption of electricity. Vendors of solar power systems will also be on
hand to answer questions.

Allen is an expert on California's solar "buy-down" program that offers
substantial rebates to utility customers who install solar cells or small
wind turbines. The program pays up to $3,000 per kilowatt or 50 percent of
the installed cost, whichever is less. Some Tehachapi homeowners have
received as much as $15,000 in rebates under the program.

The Rahus Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of
renewable energy in California.

The Sierra Club is a nationwide environmental group. The Kern-Kaweah
Chapter represents Sierra Club members in Kern, Kings, and Tulare counties. The
seminar will kick off formation of a Bakersfield Group within the Sierra
Club's Kern-Kaweah Chapter.

For more information about the seminar, contact Paul Gipe at 661 822 9150
or Glenn Shellcross at 832 3382 or visit

For information about California's solar buy-down program or the Rahus
Institute, contact Tor Allen at 925 370 7262 or visit

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Energy Comes of Age (1995), Wind Energy Basics (1999), and Energ’a E—lica
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