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Conservation Chair - need one
Outings: Dennis Burge
At Large: Paul Colter, Donna Leech, Stan Haye

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Meetings: are held monthly usually on 4th Mondays , 7:30 the Maturango Museum, 100 E. Las Flores Ave, Ridgecrest, CA. and are open to all. Call Dennis (760) 375-7967


"All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver."

Jan 17 (Sat) RED HILL AND AYERS ROCK (Located just N of the Indian Wells Valley at the S end of Owens Valley, 5044 ft max elevation, 450 ft elev. gain and 1.6 mi RT on 2 short hikes) Red Hill is the symmetrical ash cone sitting along side Hwy 395 just N of Little Lake. Here's your opportunity to climb this iconic landmark dubbed "Probability Hill" by the late mountaineer Dr. Carl Heller due to its resemblance to the Gaussian Probability Distribution curve. You know you've wanted to bag this little number, you know you have. as you've driven past it numerous times. Well here's your chance to climb this nice cone with its historical and current mining artifacts. We will also visit Ayers Rock, a nice publicly accessible pictograph site. This will be an easy day of hikes for a January day. Meet Sat, Jan 17, at 7:30 AM at the Ridgecrest Cinema parking lot. For more information, call Dennis Burge at 760-375-7967 or Jim Nichols at 760-375-8161.

Feb 21 (Sat) WYLEYS KNOB (Located just S of Bird Springs Pass in the Southern Sierra, 6350 ft max elevation, 1000 ft elevation gain, 5.4 mi RT) According to the BLM website, Wyleys Knob and the surrounding area is an excellent place for raptor-watching. Golden eagle, prairie falcon and a variety of hawk species are commonly seen from this high rocky knob. The Knob also offers sweeping views of the Mojave Desert to the east and south, the Sierra Crest to the north, and Kelso Valley and the Piute Mountains to the west. A road winds up the W side of Wyleys Knob, and the PCT climbs over the East ridge. So we will pursue our goal of exploring pieces of the PCT by climbing the Knob via the road and return on the PCT. An easy hike due to short distance and modest altitude gain. Meet Sat, Feb 21, at 7:30 AM at the Ridgecrest Cinema parking lot. For more information, call Dennis Burge at 760-375-7967 or Jim Nichols at 760-375-8161.

BLM is always looking for volunteers to help with various projects - contact Marty Dickes for more info. Marty won a very prestegious award from BLM for her work with volunteers and special projects! Yeah! (760)384-5444:

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Local and regional environmental Links

Giant Sequoia National Monument Planning Process - VERY important that you pay attention to what's going on!! Monument Management Plan has been released and challenged.
see at

Owens Valley Committee keeping an eye on the Lower Owens River rewatering project and what's going on at the Lake. ***!!! December 6, 2006, WATER PUT INTO THE OWENS RIVER. !! The river is recovering nicely! Go visit it at any one of the bridge crossings.

Mono Lake Committee Links page - an incredible resource of links to birds, government stuff, everything about the lake, etc. etc.

Ridgecrest area BLM has some issues going right now. Check news.

Active Fire Maps - wanna see what burned this calendar year? Or where active fires are now in CA and NV. A most interesting map!! Takes a while to download.

Inyo National Forest page with lots of great info about the attractions nearby, planning documents, etc. Also place to comment about the proposed Roadless Areas in National Forests, Inyo wants to get into logging now too. Forest Planning is ongoing now.

Sequoia National Forest contact points, etc; Just started revision of the 1988 Forest Management Plan. See their web page to get in on this

Region 5 USFS You can get a whole bunch of info here, find out about Giant Sequoia National Monument, see what other issues are being worked on right now.

California State Parks Who knows what the budget will do to our Parks...

National Parks ; revised front pages not much good - click on "in depth" button to get to the original pages with lots of info.

Death Valley National Park official web page and link to The Morning Report (road conditions)

Death Valley Tourist Info lots of info, numbers, etc. which is not on the official DV page; done by Janet W.

Mojave National Preserve , lots of useful stuff on our lovely park. Kelso Depot is OPEN as a Visitor Center- drop by to see this most elegant building in action. Lunch counter is now serving too. Great displays.

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7. New talking points on forest fires and the horrendous energy bill.

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